The rear suspension.

March 1, 2012.

Ol'Joe finally cleaned out his garage and put the 928 up on stands. The main goal the past 2 days have been to get the rear suspension dismanteled for upgrade, cleaning and painting.
The Shocks, springs and emergency brakes are off. The parking brake cable turned out to be a real pain in the ass to get off. Buddy Joe spent most of the day with the said cable. It turns out he has to cut the cable and drill out the support tube from the hub anyway. This after he spent 3 hrs figuring out how to release the cable itself from the hub.
On the stands.

The Suspension. It turns out to be somewhat rusty on the non chassie parts. Shocks, springs, calippers, disks and sway bar will be upgraded.

All off. Here You see the hub hanging from the Parking brake cable wich will be cut off. The tube leading to the hub was totaly destroyed by the BIG visegrip in a vain attempt to pry it loose from the hub. Oh well...its been on there for 33 years. What else to expect.

March 13, 2012

Our buddy claims to be wrenching on a regular basis. He has made some progress. The rear suspension is mostly off. It took some time to get the Pivot pins out. They were rusty and therfore hard to get out past the coned shims.
Our buddy also invested some dough into a sandblastering cabinet. Money well spent.

Rusty Pivot pin.

Rusty lower arm. Stay tuned for a nice and blasted arm.

March 23, 2012

Ol' Joe ran his compressor aground while playing with his newfound toy, the blasting cabinet. Our friend had to get a new and better compressor. This involved some negotiations with his lovely wife. Joe then bought a bigger and better compressor. This again had to get its own larger electric circuit.

Buddy Joe is again up and running. He made some progress wrenching but seems to be spending more time sandblasting parts.

Our friend got on his bicycle today. A short trip to the paint supply store for some consulting versus paint and primer issues.

The cabinet and its temporary stand.

S4 caliper sandblasting progress picture.

The right..before. The left...after.

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