Wheel bearing change.

Tools needed for this job. sledgehammer, wrench and 17 mm with extender, pliers, 32 mm with extra long wrench, 17mm wrench and puller.

Jack the car and pull the wheel.

When the wheel is off, use Your pliers to pull the spline from the center bolt and to remove the center cap from the wheel.

Put the wheel back on the car again and lower the car to the ground. We used only one lug nut in this picture which may not be recommended by other more knowledgeable persons. it worked for us.

Attach the 32mm with the extendend arm and pry loose. If You are a macho man You just pull. In our case, we stepped on the arm wich worked just fine. Lift the car and off You go once again with the wheel.

Inthis picture we have removed the spline, locknut, brake caliper and brake disc. The caliper is easily removed with a 17mm wrench.

We have seen some people say that You can use a hammer and some wood to knock back the axle through the bearing/hub. The special tool is just a puller. We broke two before we got hold of quality tools. Thea axle needs to be pusched back so that Yoiu can get to the four 17mm bolts for the hub. Let me tell U..they are a pain in the ass to get to.

The wheel bearing/hub is off and inspected for damage. grease all of it up and You are ready for assembly.

New, shiny and just before greased up prior to installment.

Installed. All you have to do now is to spend 5 minutes putting on the brake disc, caliper and wheel. We're glad its done.

Ol' Buddy Joe's mother drives around in her 1995 Chrysler Sebring. We do most of the work to the car here at our shop. Joe's mother just drives.

Lately the front wheel bearings was heard from. Grinding noises from the front is seldom hard to not diagnosticate.

Parts were ordered from one of our favorite car parts vendors. 

The left side was easy to do. The right side was totally ceased up due to the heat generated from the destroyed wheel bearing. We even broke off parts from a almost new brake disk in the process of removing it from the hub. We broke two pullers trying to press the axle through the bearing. Who said U dont need a hydraulic press?

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