Sometimes You have to do what You have to do.

First we had to remove the bumpercover, lights and the bumper to get easy access to the turbo.

The oil in and out to be disconnected. Exhaust off. loosen the turbo itself from tubing.

The turbo is out and ready to be disassembled. It is nice and clean. This particular was removed twice by previous owner to be overhauled.

Oil left over on the outside of the cold side compressor. No good.

Signature from previous rebuild.

The first thing we noticed was the strange parts used in the previous rebuild. They were not original Borg Warner parts as our buddy Sig, master of all trades, supplied us with. The thrust bearing had a lot of play in it for one.

Everyting is back in place and ready for a test drive. The K27-7006 is a real beast and a well functioning K27-7006 is really a beast.

Ehhh....This is Joe's daughter. She gives us the motivation to keep up the work. When we did the turbo overhaul, without the balancing, it smoked like never before. Oil leaks were now from the axel to both cold and hot section. We caved in and bought a new K27 HFS from It seems to be alright now.

Alright..The old 911 started to smoke like a Cuban left behind. The first thing we did was to pull off the intercooler to inspect the tubing and look for traces of oil. Not only did we find traces of oil. When we set the IC aside, the oil poured from both in and out tubing. at least a cup of oil during the first 24 hrs.

No doubt, at least one of the sources for the excessive smoke was located.

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Hey Fat Joe,

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