Consider Yourself Porsched....

Poliched 16v..


white 928 with nice wheels

Great picture of a great car..

Riva's on the 928

Classic Pascha.

928 by Strosek.

How cool can it be?

Photo shoot by Matt Harvey. His Car too.

928 Owners Club Convention 2004. Too bad we missed it.

First generation 928. Nice and clean too.

A drop dead gorgeous Strosek.

Another shot of the same car.

From the assembly line in Stuttgart.

Another OB with some other OB's on the flight line.

Aim high.

GTS on the move.

Smoking 928

GTS reflections.


A slightly modified S4.

Nice leather seats in this 928.

A nice GTS with the right colors.

A collection of 928 from the first to the last model.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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