One Woman Conspiracy?

The boots.

Two years ago, Fat Joe took his wife to Sweden for a fun filled weekend. At least that was what Joe had in mind.Ol'Joe ended up hanging on to his wife as she tried her best to set a new personal record in shopping. While on the run, our friend's eyes caught sighth of a pair of some really dandy cowboyboots. Made in Spain by Sendra. Ol'Joe used to be a boots man but not anymore. These boots caught his attention though."Just get them" his wife said. "Not so" buddy Joe said and set off after his wife on her mission.

A year later.

Lard ass is doing his usual, which generates to nothing really important. His lovly wife gives him a Forbes magazine. In this copy they had an article about 10 things a man really should have at some point in his life. In between the ownership of a 200ft yacht and a summerpalace in Monaco, boom...those boots Joe saw in Sweden a year before. "what did I tell You" his wife said in her usual cheerful and playful manner. Ol'Joe was still not interested. A few months after that, Joe's wife spent a weekend in Spain. When she came back..voila...those boots were in her luggage. "Well?" said our friend, "what shall I do with the these? You know I'm not going to wear them". Joe's wife didnt even flich when he said what he said."Try them on sometimes and leave it at that" she said. Strange, buddy Joe thought to him self. Really strange.

A few weeks ago.

"Hey fatso, how about those boots i got You?" Joe's wife called out one sunny morning. Cheerful and playfull as she always is. Ol'Joe had totally forgotten about those dandy boots. "what about them?" Joe called back. "are You going to wear them?" she asked. Buddy Joe had to think of some way to let her down easily. He knew he wouldnt wear them anytime soon..or at all."What about if You wear them riding Your bike?" the wife said. She had somehow forgotten that she had laid down the law forbidding Joe riding his Harley Davidson as long as they had small children in the house. "These fancy boots will only go along with a equal fancy chopper" Joe said. Big mistake. "Why dont You make one out of the bike You never use anyway?" joe's lovely wife said. She knew Joe was not a chopper man. " If You dont want one, make one for me. I would like it to be red". Ol'Joe did not know what to say. He knew he was had. We, his friends, knew that his lovly wife has conspired for some time. She really wants a chopperized Harley Davidson.

To be continued..

The Harley

This is Fat Joe's 1995 Fat Boy. As You can see, it is sitting in storage. the storage is for reasons previously explained.The Fat Boy model came out for the first time in 1990. The Harley factory was celebrating it's victory over the Japanese superbikes. Harley had sold more bikes over 800ccm than anybody. In the first two years of production, the Fat Boy was only delivered in the color gray. Placed discretely in various places on the bike, were seven yellow circles. How come? some may ask. The answer could have something to do with the yellow circles on those gray bombs the US armed forces seem to have laying around. Somebody would say it must be a coicidence and on the same breath ask why the company named the bike Fat Boy? That would offcourse have nothing to do with two bombs called Fat Man and Little Boy. Or what? As the situation will be chopperized and transferred to the wife...maybe..

The Porsche.

When asked about his ongoing Porsche 928 project, lard ass over here says he is concentrating on the chopper for now and the Porsche a little later. "the wife, You know" he says. He also says there will be plenty of time to get the Porsche ready for his daughters 18 birthday. Fat Joe gave the Porsche to his little girl some time ago. Ol'Joe does the calculation quicly in his head with the aid of his fingers. 18-5 should come out to be 13 years. "I can get it ready by that time" he says. We just dont know. Joe started out fixing the Porsche about 10 years ago. Did we mention that Ol'Joe seems to take on too many projects at the same time? Did we also mention that our friend seems to never finish up his projects? This will be interesting.....


Fat Joe does not waste time. Just as quicly as his wife could yell "You fat fu**", Ol'Joe could speed dial the boys at Calles Chopperdelar in Sweden. The boys in the sticks over there are known for their well built chopperparts and frames. Joe made the order. We are now waiting for the UPS man....and You are right..thats Calle----

The Fat Spokes

What do You do when You made Your wheels order and You find something else You like better? You make a new order. Lard ass jumped the gun when told by the missus to chopperize the Fat Boy, the bike in this case. Buddy Joe put in the order for a new frame, tank, complete front end, fenders, wheels..You name it. He got what he needed for a rolling chassis. The frame is beeing custom ordered the way the little wife wants it. We are hoping for progress pictures from Sweden. The prostreet look is what she's going for. The first set of wheels pretty much standard spoke wheels. Joe made the suggestion to get the mammoth 52 fat spoke wheels instead. Are they just cool or just cool? Can You imagine a thin strip of 260 rubber nicely mounted on these rims? We can.

Stay tuned...

The Frame

The boyz in Sweden are on the move. Joe got some shots of his (wifes?) new frame today. The tubes are in the jig. That how, and where, they make the frame so they can get it straight and proportional relativ to the rest of the bike. At least thats what fat Joe is telling us. Initially it seems that the "up" is a little too much up...Fat Joe is not sure. He need to make a phonecall tomorrow...

The Frame Again

Joe made the call today as he said he would, not that we thought he wouldnt. Johan at Calles is the man Ol'Joe keeps in touch with over there. Joe explained his concerns about the high "up" and hoped for a nice solution to his worries. You should know by know that the only thing that worries our friend is his lovly wife. Johan came up with a great solution right there and then. The boyz in Sweden was already on the go with the frame but sat down for two minutes in deep concentration before they picked up the power tools. They cut off tubes already welded on and emailed the pictures of the frame with the tank on so Joe could see how it will turn out. Not only did they modify the frame to Joe's (the wife's?) specs, but they did it right there and then while on the horn. The picture shows how the tank will be in relation to the engine. The boyz will cut off the down tube to make it all symetrical. See picture below.

The Brakester

Do You know what a brakester is? Neither did Ol'Joe until a couple of weeks ago. When Joe began his search to collect impressions about his (wife's) ProStreet project, he came across a lot of those bikes with supernice rims. Most of those bikes had a wide open rear wheel, no brake disk. How strange lard ass was thinking to himself. Do they remove the brakedisk to show off their nice wheel? Fatso made some inquiries. What he did find out was two new words and what they related to. If Your bike has a chain and sprocket, You can remove the brakedisk and get a sprockster instead. The same goes for a pulley and belt, You get a brakester. It is as simple as a sprocket, or pulley, with a brakecaliper made to fit the sprocket or pulley. It is just inguenious. This way the nice rear wheel will be totally exposed on one of the sides. Fat Joe got those nice Fat Spoke Wheels and they deserve a brakester. Wouldnt You know. Joe's buddy Frankie, he's another fella that spends way too much time in his garage with all kinds of motorized vehicles, just happened to be in possesion of a brand new brakester that was in surplus. Frankie and Joe made a trade. It is funny how things just work out sometimes to the best for all parts involved.


This is how it looks now. Almost done. Lard Ass is happy..

The Frame.

The Boyz are at it in Sweden. The frame is now set up, aligned and close to be shipped over to Ol'Joe. The wife seems to be happy with the result so far. The picture clearly shows the ProStreet look. The pulley pictured is just for the lineup. As Joe is planning the bike, the bikes budget lives in it's own world. A world that not necessarily match up with buddy Joe's ideas on costcontrol.

The Handlebars.

Alright..Some delays encountered due to xmas and desicions about the handlebars. Redneckengineering in SC makes some really nice frames and handlebars. The problem with ordering a set of bars from Redneck would be the style/fitment to the fat Joe's bike (his wifes). Luckily for Joe, the boyz in Sweden, and Bengan, are not unfamiliar with the making of bars to their builds. As soon as all of that was clearified to Joe, Bengan went at it. The result is something to write home to mom about. The wife is really happy.

The Lines.

We are getting there..

The Teardown.

The engine and transmission from the -95 is being used for the ProStreet project. The rest of the Fatboy is picked apart and sold for parts. An era is over, a new is well on it's way. Ol'Joe was never a really Harley fan anyway... according to his lovly wife.

The Fitting.

Most of the parts are in house by now.

The pipes are Made in Austria. That means two things.

1. They are way expensive.

2. They are TUV approved.

Did we mention Buddy Joe and his budget?

Red You say?

The wife wanted red, someone reminded Joe. Buddy Joe forgot, he's been busy getting parts and a busy life in general.

"She will be in for a suprise then" he says. We prefer not to be there when she steps out to se her "red" prostreet.

I must admit...It has potential...

The Spinner.

The budget for the wondermachine seems to be out of control. Costcontrol has never been one of Fat Joe's strongest points.

But..the 300usd spinner looks good and is needed due to the brakster setup

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