If You build it, they......

Din overskrift

Buddy Joe married Finnish. The boys were out making the town unsafe when Ol' Joe met his wife to be. He knew there and then that this was it.
After some time, the house was bought, the house was restored, the house was added onto, the garage was added, the child was born and so on....it was finally time to build the sauna.

To make room for the sauna, buddy Joe had to cut down 4 large pine trees that would provide firewood for 3 years...Joe split the wood with an ax. Imagine that.
Joe spent some time planning the buliding. He also researched the importance of humidity, heat, air and building materials needed to make this a fine sauna for his family.

The spot is picked and the framework is started. Armor iron is drilled into the rock and support tubes are filled with concrete.

Frame is being prepared for insulation and wind blocker. Joe in action.

Ideal location....

The floors are in, sidewalls are up and measurements for the roof is being taken.

Framework including window cutouts is almost done.

Roof is up and covered with wind and waterproofing. The same with the walls.

From the iside. Below the roof plates, we put in a 5cm, 2 inch, air duct between timber used in the roofconstruction. Fiber covered with asphalt makes sure air difusion is taken care of.

The sauna has two rooms. one room for the sauna part and the other is supposed to be a changing of clothes and hang out room. This picture is of the sauna room where a fiber/plastic sheet is placed on top of the wood floor, ironarmor is the spread out to be covered with concrete wich is then beeing painted with epoxy to make a waterproof strong floor. The drain is also in place.

Outside is done and continuing inside. To be painted during the summer.

The wood burning oven is imported from Finland. It has a built in watertank. The stone firewall makes a nice touch. We put in hardwood floors for comfotable walking...and looks.

Ol' Joe felt insired and spent way to many hours building the benches.

But...they turned out alright.

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