Restofication Gallery

The A-arm, ball bearings, steering joints, caliper, wheel hub and accessories are removed. The protective gunk is removed to inspect the metal. It looked good with no rust. What we have done here is to spray a coat of sink for rust protection until we get around to seal, prime and paint.

These are the original seats after they have been refurbished with new leather in gray and black. They look sharp. The rear seats look just as good. The quality of workmanship along with the leather quality did it for these seats. We look forward to get them in the car. Classix in the southern part of Sweden did this great job for a reasonable amount of money. There is a link to Classix in the links section. The car in the background is one of our "other" cars.

19" wheels 315/25 rear and 235/30 up front. The wheels are original Porsche Carerra which we had coated in glossy black. The wheels were bought from wheeldynamics in California.

Yes, it is there if U look closely. It's dug out by now. This part of our shop is also undergoing rebuilding to make it a more restofication friendly place.

The right side while dismounting.

Wheel is off and the old brake caliper and rotor will be trashed. Overhauled S4 calipers and new rotors will come on. Bilstein adjustable shocks are also on the shelf together with Eibach springs.

It does not look good, all rusted and worn out. It's a good thing we had to do that caliper.

Disassembled and ready to be overhauled and cleaned up.

This is the right wheel spindle which is, as U can see, dirty and rusty. The rust is only on the surface and will be overhauled and painted black. The wheel bearing goes on top and the wheel hub on top of that again. The wheel bearings will be new.

The seats are out, the carpet and whats under is in the progress of being removed for replacement. The dash is covered with black leather and is in good condition.

The restofication is ongoing. Our project will, more than likely, take quite some time. Here at, we unfortunately have other projects at the same time. Some more pressing than others.

We were hoping to have the car up and running by summer. If that turns out to be true, we will be quite happy. As it is now, the car might be ready to be put together. The thing is that once we start doing something, it always turns up something else we can do to the car.

All we were supposed to do with this car the day it all started, was to remove the left  front brake caliper because the brakes had a tendency to stick. Once we had it off we realized that it was other items witch also needed attention. 

What we will end up with is new upgraded s4 brakes, complete new suspension and steering, new interior from carpets and up, new wheels, overhauled transmission new paint, new exhaust, compressorized engine, etc,etc..... just because the left brake caliper had a tendency to stick.

Click on the pictures to see comments-progress-history.


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