Defined colors one lovely afternoon.

One evening at Puerto Banos.

Jellybeanhotrods know how to do it right. The original 190 SL chassie with the Corvette engine nicely placed below the hood.

Undergoing restofication..

Part of the collection.

1965 Chevy C-10 which I found on Ebay a couple of years ago. 350 5.7L engine and th350 transmission. The interior is white and orange leather. A true HillyBilly ride wich I could not resist.

The Gulf racer.

The Corvette at Palma Nova.

Slightly modified 1972 911t. One of the nicer 911's I ever have seen.

Super nice VW bus. If I was up for a camper, it would have to be something like this.


What is there to say?

The family car.

Ebay once again. When this one came along, how could I possibly control myself?

The chosen ones...

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Hey Fat Joe,

Get off your fat ass and come on down for a beer.


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