A Porsched Place.......

A short introduction.

Our friend, Fat Joe, is once again about to venture into the world of Porsche restoration. Ol' Joe has been there for some years on and off. Buddy Joe is a slacker. Our pal Joe is a Porsche 928 owner on his 11'th year. Joe has for the past 9 years , on and off, started his  928 restofication project with high hopes and great spirits. The problem with our buddy is his focus. He seems to start way to many projects and grows bored quite easily. This time around, we'll give him a hand with these pages and moral support. The wrenching he can do himself.

Buddy Joe also drives a bastarized 1982 911 SC/turborized 993 lookalike which he also keep wrenching on with variable success.

We, his buddies, decided to put up this site to follow his somewhat slow progress with regards to the 928 project and to keep him motivated. As mentioned earlier, Joe is a slacker. Ol' Joe has at least 6 unfinished projects ranging from car to house projects. 
Some patience is required on all of us

The tech link to the left, will take You to Greg Nichols site. Greg has gathered an extensive amount of  "how-to" with regards to the 928. Most of the stuff is from
www.rennlist.com , the ultimate site for 928 owners world wide.
Another site which is a must for the Porsche 911 owners is the www.pelicanparts.com .There You will find a techforum wich is unbeatable for the 911.

We will try hard to get our pal Joe back on track.

Have a Porsched day.


Lard ass Joe has been preoccupied. To continue the ongoing saga with too many projects, Ol'Joe has started a chopperization project with his lovly wife. The bastard 911 had to go. Just to put the record straight, Ol' Joe regrets every day and wonder why he sold the bastard. Go figure.  


4 years after the Prostreet project started, Ol' Buddy Joe is still somewhat not done withe the bike. According to Joe,  "a father with small children should not ride motorcycles"...ehhh...right..

So, what do You think "a father with a small child" does? He gets a motorhome. A 1997 Winnebago Brave 25rc he says he could not turn down.

To make a long story short. A new project. This time it seems like Fat Joe is actually pushing to finish what he started.

Have a look in the Winnebago section for progress.

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Maasø | Svar 01.05.2013 17.14

Hey Fat Joe,

Get off your fat ass and come on down for a beer.


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01.05 | 17:14

Hey Fat Joe,

Get off your fat ass and come on down for a beer.


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